Vision X at SCT ‘’Carrière du Hainaut’’

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Vision X Europe-Mining Lights

We visited on of the major stone quarry in Benelux, even in Europe, for limestone.
The “Société des Carrières de Tournaisis” ( SCT ) is a company owned by the CCB ( ITALCIMENTI GROUP ) and Holcim.
SCT has chosen Vision X Lighting as partner for their fleet on the site, it’s more than 2 years that we’re supplying this important
actor in the extraction of limestone.

Their machines are solicited 24/24, 5 days per week, for this reason it’s important to reduce the operational costs and increase
the visibility with installing a high quality lighting equipment studied for the vehicle and its work where operating.

The productivity and security are very important in this business, it’s the reason why SCT decided to upgrade their machines
with our LED lamps, their night working shift has completely changed, all operators are enthusiast and are warmly positive about
this partnership with Vision X Lighting.

The fleet is composed with the following equipment :

• CAT 777D
• KOMATSU 785/5 and 785/7
• CAT 992D and G
• CAT 16H
• KOMATSU WA600/6, WA500/6 and WA800/3

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