• MXL Mining - Range Definition

    Mining Xtreme Lighting (MXL) Range
    The MXL Mining Range is the premier line of LED products for use on mine sites. The MXL Range enhances lighting performance, increases durability and simplifies maintenance with new features for the most dependable lighting for mining appliactions.

  • Forward Rake Trunnion
    Allows light to mount in factory hole location while still protruding over metal bumper lip on many mining vehicles giving a larger field of view.
    Rubber Isolated Bracket
    No metal on metal contact lessens vibration symptoms on brackets, optics and electronics on circuit board and bolts.
    304 Stainless
    Increased protection against corrosion due to chemicals, acids and chlorides. 304 stainless steel contains twice the carbon over 316 stainless steel for increased strength in high vibration scenarios.
    True Glow Optic Holder
    Phosphorescent paint charges and glows off its own power, or off of other oncoming light sources when power is removed.Vehicles parked in staging areas or deep in a drift now have multiple safety indicators to approaching vehicles everywhere a True Glow light is mounted.
    Side Bolt
    Standard M8 bolt for socket adjustement.
    5000K LED
    Best all around color temp for both dusty and clear environments. Note, customers can special order in 4300K for extremety dusty environments.

Prime Drive Thermal Management
Regulates the temperature of the lights to an exterior housing temp 130F (55C); no touch burns and well below the ignition temperature for hydraulic fluid. Sustains long life of LED's.
18-65v Input
Built to handle a wide voltage range as well as voltage spikes while only operating above 18 volts to prevent theft for automotive use.
Feather Start
Feather start technology allows a gradual introduction of amperage onto the circuit over a 5 second period reducing the wear on associated components: starter, alternator and battery systems as well as other sensitive circuit being used.
Reverse Polarity Protection
Eliminates light failures due to improperly pinned or reverse polarity harnesses.
Reverse Polarity Operation
Allows light to operate regardless of the polarity input of the pins or harnesses. Eliminates troubleshooting and damage due to improper pinned or polarity harnesses.
Radius Bend Bracket
Elimintaes failures due to fatigue applied on tihgbends and acts as a cushion point to vibration.
Spray Clean Coating
Poltetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) non-stick coating allows dirt and grime to be washed away without scrubbing and also has higher thermal conductivity than standard coating to disspate more heat from the housing.
All Tight Bolt System
A combination of Nylocks, Nybolts and thread locker on every fastening entity on every light.
Laser Etched Beam
Added at every serial code location to denote tha beam pattern on each light.
IP 69K
German standard DIN 40050-9 extends rating for high-pressure, high temperature wash-down and stream cleaning.
ANSI and IEC standard for vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines, defines limits of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). No EMI/RFI interference.