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    Latest LED Technology
    Vision X is constantly evolving our product line by working with the world's leading LED manufacturers to drive LED ligthing technology forward

  • Top Binning
    Not all LEDs are created equal. Each run of LEDs by the manufacturer is binned to classify the quality within that batch. Vision X uses only top-binned LEDs to ensure the highest quality
    High Efficacy
    Vision X products are engineered for the highest possible luminous efficacy, or the ratio of lumens per watt, producing the most light while drawing the least amount of power
    Pulse width Modulation integrated circuitry flashes the LED faster than the human eye can see for a lower operating temperature, prolonged LED life, and dimming capabilities.
    Prime Drive Thermal Management
    Regulates the temperature of the lights to an exterior housing temp of 130F (55C); no touch burns and well below the ignition temperature for hydraulic fluid. Sustains long life of LEDs.

Prime drive technology allows for fully dimmable lighting by using the Vision X push button or dial dimmer accessory units.
Advanced Heat Sinks
All Vision X LED products are engineered with an advanced heat sink to maintain a sae operating temperature for the LEDs and to prolong the life of the light.
Only top quality aluminum is used for Vision X die-cast and extruded housings to provide superior strengh and optimal heat dissipation.
Seamless Optics
Specially engineered to ensure both spread and distance, Vision X optics maximize light output by achieving 90% optical purity.
Beam Pattern Control
Our goal is to achieve the most control of each LED and tailor it specifically to the market needeed. Whether through our 10° spot or 90° wide flood optic, Vision X offers a beam pattern to best fit any application.
10 Watt LED
Highest light output per LED for the greatest bulk light, producing the most light output per square inch.
5 Watt LED
The greatest distance meets the greatest light output. A tight LED configuration allowed by the 5 Watt LEDs small footprint achieves the brightest light and greatest distance.
3 Watt LED
The tight LED configuration allos for precise optical control. Achieves great distance and depth.
The SMD LED configuration creates intense lighting for short-throw applications including structural and cab lighting.