• LED Vehicle Identification Boards

    Mining Light ID Boards

    Easily Distinguish Vehicle Numbers Regardless Of Weather Conditions
    The Vision X ID Number Board allows personnel to quickly identify vehicles in any weather condition. Available in 2-Digit or 3-Digit configurations, these LED ID Boards can be changed as often as needed, and are engineered to run 24/7.

  • ID Boards Series Usage Guide

    Each digit consists of 195 high-output LEDs that are available in Amber or Red, both which produce crisp, clear numbers that can be distinguished from long distances and each digit will run even if neighboring panels fail or suffer damage. The 3-Digit ID Board can produce 4,960 combinations of numbers, while the 2-Digit can create 1,540 different combinations. Installing the Vision X ID Number Board means vehicles won't require numbers to be painted and can be quickly changed, reducing downtime during crucial timeframes.
    Changing the number on the Vision X ID Number Board is done by moving the provided magnet over the sensor indicated inside each digit on the base of the board. Each digit has its own sensor, and ranges numerically from 0 to 9.

Technical Information

PART# Description
MIL-ID02A ID Numerical Board 2-Digit Amber LEDs With Mounting Brackets
MIL-ID02R ID Numerical Board 2-Digit Red LEDs With Mounting Brackets
MIL-ID03A ID Numerical Board 3-Digit Amber LEDs With Mounting Brackets
MIL-ID03R ID Numerical Board 3-Digit Red LEDs With Mounting Brackets



  • Numerical LEDs Controlled Via Magnetic Sensor
  • Designed For Constant 24 Hour Usage
  • Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Amber & Red LEDs Available
  • Multiple Mounting Locations
  • 195 LEDs Per Digit
  • IP-67 Waterproof